Welcome to Insight Numerology


Hi, I ‘m  Elle, the founder of insight numerology.(www.insightnumerology.com).

Welcome to my blog.

Insight Numerology has evolved over many years. It began with a small spark of interest in human behavior followed by a lifelong career and study in health and psychology, not to mention many years of life’s hard lessons. Alongside these traditional careers, there was also an immense curiosity to learn about alternative subjects.

Numerology grew from curiosity to doubt to entertainment before after many years taking off in a more serious direction. This blog is a new chapter in my learning.

There is plenty of information on the subject so will not go in-depth into the Science of Numbers as describes by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.  He taught the law of relationship between man and divine laws which was reflected in numbers. In one study, he found the that, there was a correlation between the birthdates of many people in his subject group and their personalities.

Numerology works on the premise of Einstein’s theory which states that “All life is vibration”. Numerology works in cycles just as our time, our seasons and our calendar.

Can you imagine a world without numbers?

Imagine not knowing how old you are, would you feel differently? What about time, maybe there would be chaos at work? Without mathematics, you would no longer be able to use science to invent and make progress in our world as you know it to be.

Numbers create structure and organization in our lives. In a similar way, if you take notice in your individual numbers you will flow with life rather than be a victim of circumstances.

Use Numerology as a road map of your life. Know when it is safe to go  forward  and at the same time recognize the danger signs