This is for all you skeptics to think about. It is fine for all of us to have a little skepticism. Coming from a scientific background I also love to challenge my own beliefs despite my love of numerology.

One of these challenges arrived when my twin granddaughters were born. As a numerologist I was interested to see how they much alike they were , being born on the same day.As with most parents and grandparents it is always a joy to watch their growth and their personalities develop as well as watching for similarities and differences between the two girls.

As they grew I realised that they each had two very different personalities.
Thinking about the nature versus nurture argument ,it occurred to me that although they were born on the same day, they came from different eggs So that seemed to blow the science of numbers out of the water.
Your Ruling Path is the total of the numbers in your birthdate. (Add the numbers singularity and revert the total to a single digit) This number will give you a clue to what your life has in store for you and how you will act to life events. So will my twins have the same life journey and if they are different ,how will that work?

Going back to my example. My granddaughters were born on 1/3/2010 (1+3+3 = 7)
These numbers tell you that they are both very independent and very active. They learn life’s lesson through experience.
Being born on the first of the month indicates that the girls perhaps forced to be independent and will develop a dominant personality or want to take charge in a personal or professional situation. The number also inspires words of character such as daring, taking charge, dominant, strength, independent. In careers they may find themselves in different fields but in positions that require these qualities.

On the down side, they may have to learn that no man is an island and learn the art of working together and compromising if we are to learn harmony in our lives.
When discussing numerology, I often hear people generalise with numbers.
They may say “Oh I’m a eight” and then think that this one number encompasses who they are. Well guys, it is not that simple.
Having discussed the day of birth we then go to the Birth Path or Ruling Path. Again. Reverting back to my twins, I have shown you that their numbers in their date of birth add up to seven.

Seven is a number that teaches you to be alone yet not lonely. As a character you need time on your own to reflect and recharge your batteries.
You may be social but with a tendency to prefer intimate gatherings in preference to larger crowds. Like the one, there is a need for independence but not in a dominant way, In careers, the seven make good managers or may prefer areas of social justice or research. All of this is influenced by other numbers in the chart.
This is a very simple explanation yet doesn’t explain the more subtle differences in personality. This is when we look to our names for answers.
Join me for my next blog to see the whole picture I look forward to talking to you in my next blog