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What’s in a Name

What’s in a name: It may come as a surprise that your name is more than identification. You invest much time and effort into selecting a name for a newborn or a business name and even your Domain name. When you hear a name you usually get a gut instinct whether you like a specific name or not. You may have a name that has been passed down through the family or you may have a name that is totally...

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Explaining Twin Numerology

This is for all you skeptics to think about. It is fine for all of us to have a little skepticism. Coming from a scientific background I also love to challenge my own beliefs despite my love of numerology. One of these challenges arrived when my twin granddaughters were born. As a numerologist I was interested to see how they much alike they were , being born on the same day.As with most parents...

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Why Numerology?

What on earth would make you want to seek out Numerology or as Pythagoras called it the science of numbers? For me personally, I have a curious mind. I am usually a conservative person who has worked in traditional based careers.These include commencing with nursing,management and quality assurance and following with Sociology and Psychology Majors and Counselling. With a love of learning and an...

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