What’s in a name:

It may come as a surprise that your name is more than identification. You invest much time and effort into selecting a name for a newborn or a business name and even your Domain name. When you hear a name you usually get a gut instinct whether you like a specific name or not.

You may have a name that has been passed down through the family or you may have a name that is totally unique. Many of my friends who were teachers, for example, did not want to name their own child after a particular ‘difficult’ child had taught or chosen a name because you have memories of a child that particularly appealed to you.

My older brother was given his name “Donald” because the firstborn son from the previous generations was always called Donald according to family tradition. Alternatively, you could be given a name that was the same as someone dear to them. Simply, you may be given a name that your parents liked.

So, why is it that it is so important to choose a name that is right for you? Names are words and words are sounds and sounds are the result of vibration. Each letter has a corresponding number according to its position in the alphabet. On a wider level, each country and race has its own unique vibration. It is quite common for some people migrating to another country to change their name to adapt to the vibration of their environment. As for my brother, he never felt comfortable with his given name and later changed it to suit his own personality and environment.

For those of you who read my last blog, I used an example of my twin granddaughters to challenge the given similarities of being born on the same day. When we compared the numbers of their birth date we identified general traits of dominance, leadership, management with a tendency to follow their own independent path. These traits could influence entering a career path that contained these qualities though not their personalities.

Looking at the nature versus nurture argument, the theory of the science of numbers was again challenged with the knowledge that the twins are from separate eggs. My experience with my granddaughters is that they are quite different in many aspects despite being born on the same day. To find out what their differences are, you turn to their names. to check out the vibration of the letters. If you add the numbers attached to each vowel in your full name at birth, the total will represent the inner you. You know that part of you that we don’t project to the world. This number, in fact, reflects the true self.

WHen you total number of the consonants in your full name, you will arrive at our personality which is that part you project to the public. For example, 4 could reflect someone who is hardworking,1 may be seen as dominant and so on.

Pythagoras created a chart to identify the numbers behind names. The three letters below the top number are reflected in that particular number. Another easy way is to assign the number 1 to A, 2 to B,3 to C, D to 4 and so on. Double numbers will then be reverted to single figures e.g. 13/4 16/7. The numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers and therefore cannot be broken down.

1   2   3   4   5    6   7   8   9 

A   B  C  D   E    F   G   H    I

J   K  L   M   N   O   P   Q    R

S  T  U   V  W   X   Y   Z

If for example, a name is John then J=2+ O=6+ H=8+ N=5 = Total = 21/3 (include the middle name and last name as well as a given name)

With the numbers in my twin’s names, I can now compare the differences between them. 


9 1 1 2 5 3 3 1


1 9  5 5 5 

My twins are in many ways opposite ends of the spectrum. One twin may enjoy loud parties while the other will probably prefer quiet intimate conversations.

One twin could be full of ambition and drive while the other one could be more introverted and more interested in analysis and research. The one thing in common is their date of birth which shows a high level of independence and wanting or having to take charge of their life whether in a career or personal life.

This is why many people choose to check with a Numerologist before choosing a name for a new baby or name a  new business.

You need to remember that when you change your name, your new name will add another influence to your life, although your full name at birth will be your dominant influence

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