What on earth would make you want to seek out Numerology or as Pythagoras called it the science of numbers?

For me personally, I have a curious mind. I am usually a conservative person who has worked in traditional based careers.These include commencing with nursing,management and quality assurance and following with Sociology and Psychology Majors and Counselling.
With a love of learning and an immense curiosity, I have delved into nearly every form of alternative therapy that came across my path along side of my traditional career path. I believe this has been partially triggered by my dissatisfaction with our health system.
I guess I would call myself a spiritual counsellor. The information in my blog is a mixture of past learnings,  experience and intuition. My aim as a true Libran is to Is to bring Numerology into balance with our traditional view of the world.
My love of Numerology began in my early twenties ,meeting with Dr David Phillips, author of ‘Secrets of the Inner Self.’ The premise of Numerology you need is that ‘all energy is vibration ‘ every atom and the components of every atom are in a state of flux”
Obstacles to understanding the science of numbers.
You are all individually influenced by your own beliefs.
These beliefs are formed by our culture, religion and upbringing. You also need to be aware that we as humans have free will. Your individual numbers will be a guide to tell you when it is time to it is time to act or time to be patient. It will identify possible traits that may help or hinder you.

For example, you may grow up in a strict religious family.
Later as an adult you may choose to reject or maintain your beliefs.
Society has conditioned us that all new age activities is not science based, you are crazy if you dare to challenge this view.
You may just be very logically minded or come from a science background and not open to anything that you may have difficulty providing evidence for.
Of course ,it just may not be your thing. I would love to hear your comments and feedback regarding your own views.

Reasons you may be attracted to Numerology:

  • Curiosity is about the biggest reason. You are curious to know and understand yourselves and other You believe in a predestined future and you are searching to what is in store for you
  • I personally believe that you can’t just expect your future is just going to arrive in your lap, good or bad, and you have no control.
  • Numerology is a guide or a roadmap to life. We are all born with free will. Numerology can teach you when to avoid the danger signs coming up or the right time to make important decisions. It can also help you understand the